Why our floating boat docks are different

custom floating Boat Docks


Cabinet Docks is a builder and manufacturer of a unique style of custom floating boat docks for residential or commercially used shorelines. Without giving away our exact structure and dock plans, we’ll attempt to describe the quality that goes into each dock and the unique difference that helps preserve nature as well as your own peace of mind when your boat is moored to one of our docks.

All of our custom floating boat docks are meticulously crafted with extreme detail, but what makes them unique is how they attach to the shore with an anchoring/platform system that does minimal impact to the bank and helps to preserve nature. We build these custom docks in Montana, but deliver them to happy dock owners to lakes throughout the Pacific Northwest, from Flathead Lake, Lake Pend O’reille and Lake Coeur d’alene to the ocean shores of Seattle. Find out more about our services.

What are the benefits of our floating boat docks unique anchoring platform and the shore they are attached to?

We initially developed our unique style anchoring system because we understand every application is different and over time we’ve taken into consideration what will work best in each and every situation based on their shoreline conditions such as anchoring, decking, size and even shape.

This discovery led to the creation of our own system and approach to floating boat docks. The priority is to not only keep your boat safe, but to preserve nature by helping the banks stay safe as well with the least amount of damage due to a dock.