Boat Dock services


Of all our boat dock services, Cabinet Docks is uniquely skilled in designing beautiful and high quality custom floating boat docks. We know that looking good is very important, but we also understand that the quality of construction is even more important. We evaluate what your needs and desires are in a dock and create a plan to build the perfect dock that suites your needs or specific application. Find out why we're different »


We offer a seasonal service as well, such as installing your docks and also removing after the season. Although we do make it as easy as possible for our customers to do the installation and removal themselves by installing a wheel kit and hitch system. This system is very easily removable.


We will even come and repair your existing dock. We understand that not everyone needs to replace their dock and sometimes just needs a little fixing up. Whatever it may be to replacing floats, planks, or even sections, we have you covered.

We also can help with coordinating the needed permits. Our local reservoir governing group recommends our docks because of the low impact our anchoring system has on the shoreline. Visit Noxon Reservoir for info.

CUSTOM services

Our expertise goes beyond building and installing docks. We specialize in creating custom pieces such as tables, fire pits, railings, staircases, and much more. Our portfolio showcases a wide range of projects that we have brought to life.

Call or email for more information and we would be happy to provide you with an estimate on our services.t