We’re not your average custom boat dock contractor – Find out more about Cabinet Docks and what makes us different.

What is it about Cabinet Docks that makes us different? The dock shop was established in 2001 when our neighbor was in need of a dock because his was falling apart, which was making it difficult for them to enjoy their time out on the water. So that’s when Gene Jopling, the founder of Cabinet Docks, put his pen to the drawing board. Gene had to come up with a unique anchoring/platform system that does minimal impact to the bank. The goal is to help keep the surrounding area as natural as possible, preserving nature and also so it would accommodate particular guidelines from the local power company. So after that first custom dock, the orders started to come in one by one. Everything Cabinet Docks has done thus far has been word of mouth and recommendations from happy and satisfied customers. We currently have docks located on the Clark Fork River, Bull Lake, Noxon Reservoir, Cabinet Gorge Reservoir, and Lake Pend Oreille. We are hoping to expand our reach and bring some joy to more families that are looking to spend some beautiful summers out on the water without having to worry about the common issues boat dock owners deal with.